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The mission and role of the Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art

The Institution is charged with fostering the creation and development of art and culture in Japan and the cultivation of aesthetic awareness among the Japanese people. It is expected to provide diverse art-appreciation opportunities as the national hub for art promotion, to build, utilize, and hand down a national collection, and to develop activities as a national center aiming at general revitalization of art museum activities in Japan. To fulfill these roles, we are engaged in a wide variety of activities every day.

1. The national hub for art promotion

To respond to the changing circumstances surrounding contemporary art, the Institution is engaged in various activities including provision of art appreciation opportunities and stimulation of art creation activities.

As one of the achievements of our in-depth research, the national museums of art present exhibitions so that visitors can encounter as many art works as possible, such as special exhibitions and screenings that reflect the characteristics of the respective museums, as well as traveling exhibitions and replacement of exhibits in collection exhibitions several times a year. They also offer gallery talks, workshops, lectures, and family fun programs for children and adults of all ages. In addition, we work on collaboration with school education and accept school groups.

2. National Collection

We are working to build a national collection that can systematically and historically present modern and contemporary art from Japan and international art, to actively utilize it, and to preserve it in good condition so that it can be handed down to future generations.

We are enriching our collection with the aim of building an internationally high-quality collection that will be an asset to the nation in the future. Based on the acquisition policy as an institution in line with the roles of the national museums, we promote timely and appropriate purchases backed by research and studies, as well as acceptance of donated and deposited works. To ensure that the valuable art and video works in the collections of the national museums are handed down to future generations in good condition, specialists carry out elaborate conservation and restoration work. We collect and display information materials, improve the preservation environment, and lend art works to museums and other institutions throughout Japan while giving due consideration to the condition of the works.

3. The national center

From the perspective of enhancing the international reputation of Japanese art and creating new value, the Institution, as a national center for art promotion, is engaged in activities aimed at overall revitalization of museum activities.

We collect and organize information on Japanese and international art trends and disseminate it at home and abroad. We promote international exchange through art and film by holding symposiums, seminars, and lectures, promoting personal networking through attendance at international conferences, cooperating with exhibitions at overseas museums, and promoting collaboration with film-related organizations in Japan and abroad.
To develop human resources involved in art, we offer internships for graduate students, curator training to improve the quality of museum curators, and instructor training to enhance art-museum-based education.

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